Hi, I'm Perry Stern, founder of Nectary Botanics. When I turned 40, my skin changed. I was suddenly dealing with breakouts, dryness, hyperpigmentation and sensitive, irritated skin. All at the same time. So the search was on for products that could make my skin look and feel healthier!

I was disapointed to discover that less than 25% of products marketed to Black women score low in hazardous ingredients. Also I found out that there is a lack of authentic diversity in the natural skincare space.

That’s why I started Nectary Botanics. 

Nectary Botanics is focused on balance. We believe that all skin is beautiful and we leave “flawless” at the door. Our cruelty-free and vegan products address all skin types and skin tones gently and thoughtfully with safe natural ingredients that work to give you your best glow! Your skin will look and feel great now and years from now.

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